Top 6 Best Headphones for Music Production

Have you been looking to get best headphones for producing music?

If you have…

… then today I am listing Top 6 best headphones for Music Production.

Headphones which ordinary users buy are always different from professionals. Since professionals need to have top-notch quality headphones to have an ear on each beat pass through the headphone.

It means a professional need 100% quality headphone to compose their music.

So to help the composers I am listing Top 6 Best headphones for Music Production which you can grab for yourself and start producing music.

Top 6 Best Headphones for Music Production

So here I start discussing headphones which you can get for yourself in order to compose music. Now without taking your more time let’s head to the list;

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6. Koss Pro DJ 200

Koss is famous for manufacturing unique quality product and out-of-the-box designs headphones which aren’t not only decent in look but also comfortable to use though which sometimes it looks weird. Though Koss Pro DJ 200 worth to be included in this list because it worth the price main for the bass.

Koss Pro DJ 200, professional headphones, best headphones, amazing headphones

Koss Pro DJ 200 is an excellent electronic headphone with an amazing design which is specially designed to be used in studios.

It has amazing build quality with machined metal back of the earcups which add to its quality. This headphone is perfect for DJ’s as it features 180-degree swivel cups which let you handle it with one ear.

I can bet that you cannot buy that quality design and sound in the price Koss asking for this headphone.

At the base of Earcups, you got a switch to change Stereo to Mono which helps in mixing the sound.

Koss Pro DJ 200, professional headphones, best headphones, amazing headphones

Pro DJ 200 comes up with a detachable cable which features an inline microphone. That microphone let these headphones go with your smartphone and pick up your calls or can work with online Gaming.

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5. Samson Z55

Samson has come up with Z55 which is its latest release in professional studio headphones. It has got all the amazing specs and an expected quality product by Samson which any professional headphone should have!

 Samson Z55, Top Professional headphones, headphones for music composition

Samson Z55 is excellent to go with EDM or electronic music because it has slight coloured response comparative to other headphones.

The packaging is quite simple and decent though you are going to get enough accessories with this headphone including; three different cables: a long straight cable, coiled cable and a cable with in-line microphone, there’s also included is a 3.5mm to 6.3mm converter with proper protection cover.

 Samson Z55, Top Professional headphones, headphones for music composition

The earcups swivel 90-degress and stay flat which may go with DJ’s though with little complication as it does not swivel 180 degrees.

The outer side of the earcups features metallic finish plastic plate with Samson logo. Frankly speaking, the design is not much to talk about as it is little old design comparative to today’s time.

However, the sound quality is up to the mark and specifically designed to go with composers or DJ’s.

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4. Brainwavz HM5

Brainwavz HM5 is most popular over the ears professional headphones out there. It has a neutral sound signature which helps while monitoring sound.

Brainwavz HM5, Best Music Production headphones, best headphones

The earcups look extremely big and comfortable which can easily cover your whole ears and let you flow with the music along with comfort.

The headband is also comfortable with leather paddings which is designed to provide full comfort to the listeners while wearing along with a metal adjuster which let this headphone fit on any head shape.

The company has been generous in packaging as you are going to get inside the box; Extra Earcups replacement pads, 1.2m and 3m straight cables, 6.3mm headphone adapter, Airline Adapter.

It comes up with a detachable cable which is a Y cable which means you need to attach the cable to both of the ear cups which can be time-consuming.

Brainwavz HM5, Best Music Production headphones, best headphones

Talking about its sound quality, they have more focused on Bass rather than treble.

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3. HifiMan HE400S

HifiMan HE400S is amazing professional headphones which offer extremely accurate sound with a detailed response.

HifiMan HE400S, Music Production headphones, Top Headphones

The HifiMan HE400S planar magnetic headphones feature Extended Bass, Wider Sound Stage, Accurate Details and Lifelike Clarity.

Planar headphone always go smooth with analytical listening and have unparalleled sound performance. However, planar are very costly and usually weighs a lot; therefore, avoided by recording studios and used by Audiophiles for extreme sound clarity.

The amazing thing is that HE400S only weighs 350 grammes which are really light compared to Planar headphones.

It also comes up with a Y cable which needed to be plugged into both the earcups.

HE400S has amazing build quality which is really strong and can easily bear the normal shocks and drops.

HifiMan HE400S, Music Production headphones, Top Headphones

It features an impedance of 22 Ohms which let you enjoy audiophile grade music from your smartphones.

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2. Shure SRH1440

Shure is famous for producing amazing sound quality with their headphone in reasonable prices. And Shure SRH1440 is definitely one of the best professional headphones out there.

Shure SRH1440, professional headphones, best headphones

Talking about its looks, it is one of the stylish headphones available on our list. You won’t see any amazing looking headphone as Shure SRH1440 is.

This an open back headphones with the black industrial finish and comfortable Velour padding which makes it look excellent.

Talking about its sound technicalities, it features 40mm Neodymium drivers that can handle max input power of 1000mW at a rated impedance of 37 Ohms. The SRH1440 produce a frequency response of 15Hz – 27kHz.

Inside the box, you are going to get headphones itself, hard matte-black finish shell, dual-exit detachable cable, extra earcups.

Shure SRH1440, professional headphones, best headphones

It produces a flat sound which rolls off from low ends to mids and slight higher emphasis towards the highs which later fall down enables users to listen distortion free sound.

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1. Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro is best professional headphone among all the listed above which is why it manages to hold the number 1 position on my list.

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro, best haedphones, top headphones

DT880 Pro comes in three following versions;

  • 32 Ohms version
  • 250 Ohms version
  • 600 Ohms version

The one we are talking is 250 ohms. However, in order to use these headphones, you will be required to have amplifier/DAC in order to get the maximum out of it.

Design wise, it looks amazing white velour padding justifies the meaning of comfort for the listeners. It also comes up with a metal adjuster covered with the soft detachable faux leather band.

These open-back professional headphones feature a frequency of 5 – 35,000 Hz. By seeing the frequency you can actually expect the flat sound at its peak.

It is a headphone which is a perfect choice to go with studios or professional headphones. Just grab a DAC and you are good to go.

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These were top 6 headphones for music production and I am sure many composers must have picked one of their self. If you are looking to get any expert advice then feel free to comment down below your query.

Any of our team members will help you with your issues.

Have you found this list helpful? If you have then don’t forget to share this with others who might be looking for the same. So keep sharing and keep helping.

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