Best USB DAC Under 200$ : Updated List September 2017!!

Are you struggling in choosing right kind of USB DAC for yourself among thousands of available out there?

Don’t worry…

… I am going to narrow down your research!

Today I’m listing some of the best USB DAC Under $200. You are supposed to have enough technical knowledge about audio in order to get best for yourself.

best usb dac, best usb dac under $200, dac under 200$However, in order to make this entire process simple, USB DAC listed below are going to help you to get one amazing for yourself. Since I have tried to make this list simpler for our novice users.

Top 5 Best USB DAC under $200 for Audiophile Grade Music

So here I start listing the top 5 best USB DAC under $200 for Audiophile Grade music. I am sure you are going to get amazing results out of it.

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You can Check My Detailed Review Below of Every DAC Mentioned

5. Micca Origen+

Micca is one of the popular brands for providing quality audio products at reasonable prices. This time I am listing Micca’s Origen+ which is amazing DAC can buy under $100.

Micca Origen,best usb dac under $200

The amazing thing about this DAC is that it features both 3.5mm audio jack and 6.3mm audio jacks.

There is nothing to talk much about its design as it has really a simple design with steel chassis and aluminium plate on the top which adds up to its design. 

It has also some toggle switches to switch from Headphone to SPDIF and another one for gain; from 0db gain to -10db gain.

On the back side of this USB DAC, you will get micro USB port to connect it to your PC and also SPDIF IN port with a toggle switch in order to switch between ISB to SPDIF.

On the top side, you will a large bulky knob along with indicator light which indicates about the audio signals that pass through it.

Micca Origen,best usb dac under $200

It has support for headphones up to 600 Ohms.

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4. Meridian Explorer

Meridian Explorer is most portable USB DAC available on our list that can easily fit in your pocket and produces high-quality audio. Since it is by Meridian which is premium British brand.

Meridian explorer, best usb dac,

It is of oval shape which makes it look appealing. On the front side it has headphone output and optical output port and on the back micro-USB input.

On the top of this DAC, you will have big brand logo along with three lights signalling different type of audio inputs. Give narrations about it; When one indicator light is on then it indicates an audio signal of 44kHz to 48kHz when two lights are on it indicates an audio signal of 88kHz to 96kHz and when all lights are on, it indicates the audio signal of either 176kHz or 192kHz.

Meridian explorer, best usb dac,

It is really light in weight as it only weighs 1.8 ounces. It can easily run 300 Ohms headphones.

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3. Creative Sound Blaster E5

Creative Sound Blaster E5 is a complete audio solution in one DAC. It is a 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC along with a headphone amplifier.

Creative Sound Blaster E5, best usb dac under $200

There are a number of amazing features. There are two headphone jacks though it also features Bluetooth connectivity. You also get connectivity options USB Host and Micro-USB port.

There is also an SBX button. Moreover, it also BX Pro Studio software for this DAC which allow you to change various aspects of audio.

Creative Sound Blaster E5, best usb dac under $200

You also get a gain switch to toggle between toggles the gain from 5dB to 15dB supporting headphones with impedance below and above 120Ohms respectively.

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2. Nuforce uDAC3

Nuforce uDAC3 is a metal construction designed USB DAC with a sturdy design. It is really a small and portable USB DAC.

Nuforce uDAC3, USB DAC Under 100$, best usb dac

It is available in four colours; black, silver, red and gold.

On the front side, you get a headphone jack along with a bigger volume knob. On the back, you get micro-USB port to connect this DAC with your computer or another device, left and right Analog input and a coaxial input.

There is nothing much to talk about its packaging as you cannot expect much with a DAC of $200.

Nuforce uDAC3, USB DAC Under 100$, best usb dac

It features 24bits/96kHz audio and as it is a Headphone Amplifier; it can power up headphones with an impedance of 300 Ohms.

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1. Audioengine D1 24-bit USB DAC

Audioengine D1 24-bit USB DAC is one of the best USB DAC present on our list as it is amazing at producing the premium quality audio device.

Audioengine D1 24-bit USB DAC, best usb dac under $200

It is famous for producing amazing audio quality in a reasonable price range. On the front side, you get volume knob, power button and Headphone jack.

And on the back side, left and right analogue output, optical input, and USB Type B port.

Design wise and packaging, it looks like a premium quality DAC as inside the package you get; setup guide and manual; the package comes with a soft velvety feel carry pouch and gold-plated high-quality USB cable.

This amazing DAC features AK4396 DAC which outputs a premium 24bit/96kHz audio.

The volume button glows premium white light when switched on.

There is one drawback with this DAC is that when headphone and analogue output is plugged in together then headphone is giving priority.

It means that if you have connected headphone and speakers at the same time then you will able to listen to your music only in your headphone.

Though that drawback can be ignored in front of high-quality audio it produces.

Audioengine D1 24-bit USB DAC, best usb dac under $200

It is definitely one of the best USB DAC under $200.

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This was the list of Best USB DAC under $200 and I am certain that you guys must have found this article helpful. If you have any other DAC to suggest then let us know, we will be happy to include your suggestion in this list.

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