Best Gaming Headset under $100 for Gamers – Budget Friendly

Are you a gamer and looking forward to best gaming headset that could compliment your games?

I have something for you then!

Today I am sharing Best Gaming Headset under $100 for Gamers.

Having a perfect a headset go with your games as you can get involved in the game.

And finding a perfect gaming headset that can help you to listen to each sound detail of your game so that you can get involved is a tough job. I am sharing the list of best gaming headset which is reasonable to get too as you can have these headphones under $100.

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Best Gaming Headset under $100

So here I am listing all the best gaming headsets under $100. Now without taking your time let me take you to the list of these amazing gaming headphones.

5. Corsair Gaming VOID

Corsair Gaming VOID is the best wireless gaming headset which you can get under $100 and get a wireless headset for gaming minimize your hassle.

Corsair Gaming VOID, Corsair Gaming VOID headphones, best gaming headsets

Its battery lasts for straight 16 hours with a single charge which is more than enough as you can fully enjoy this amazing headphone for really long time.

Gaming VOID features “True Form” system which means that its earcups aren’t round, but it fits your ears perfectly without getting slipped.

The comfort level of this headphone is top-notch, and you never got irritation to feel any discomfort while playing your favorite games.

This headphone is compatible with various headphones, and it let you enjoy Dolby 7.1 surround sound on your PC making it perfect headphones to be played.

Corsair Gaming VOID features efficient 50mm drivers which produce an amazingly high sound which makes your gaming experience thrilling. You can experience great sound by canceling the noise of surrounding.

4. Steelseries Siberia V2

Steelseries Siberia V2 is fully compatible headphones to go with your PC and perfectly designed to be used with games.

 Steelseries Siberia V2​, best gaming headsets, best headphones for games

This headphone is specifically designed to go with games as it offers highly detailed headphones. Steelseries headphones are popular gaming headphones since long.

The sound quality is high quality, and it stops the surrounding distortion. These headphones are famous for providing amazing quality sound which makes it a perfect gaming headphone.

As you can enjoy your games for long without getting annoyed by the discomfort of headphones as its weight is evenly distributed making zero pressure point on your ears.

They are not only lightweight headphones but also durable headphone which every gamer want to have. It features 50mm SteelSeries speaker drivers.

 Steelseries Siberia V2​, best gaming headsets, best headphones for games

Siberia V2 is retractable headphones which make it safe headphone to use. Its volume control is given on the chord so you can control it right from the headphone which makes it easy to access.

3. Razer Krake n Pro V2

Razer Krake n Pro V2 is one of the best gaming headphones which can be bought under $60.

Razer Krake​n Pro V2, headphones for gamings, best gaming headsets

It offers excellent audio immersion, as it features 50mm custom tuned drivers which offer amazing quality headphones. It offers a balanced audio which will help you to listen clear sound with games and other audio support.

You experience surround sound feature which works amazing at battle games as you get to hear each sound around you.

Razer Kraken Pro V2 are interchangeable which helps you get comfortable earpads with fully noise-isolation. Its circular ear cushions can be changed for oval cushions.

It comes up with a microphone which is unidirectional which let the proximity of sound to be altered to produce clear sound to communicate with your team or friends.

Kraken Pro V2 is a fully retractable microphone which is hidden in the left earcup. Its volume control buttons are given on the adapter cable.

Razer Krake​n Pro V2, headphones for gamings, best gaming headsets

It’s that much specifications make it amazing to go with your games and enjoy your favorite games without paying a high cost.

2. Steelseries Artic 5

Artic 5 is a second product by Steelseries in my list of best gaming headet. Steelseries Arctic 5 is full of amazing features which you won’t get in any other such a low price headphone available out there.

Steelseries Artic 5​, best gaming headsets, best headsets for gaming, best headphones for games

Talking about Artic 5 looks then it is one of the stylish headsets which can be found on my list and completely trendy and fashionable piece.

It comes up with ‘S1 Speaker Drivers’ include that fact that they produce landscapes, which helps it producing balanced sound with the lowest distortion possible.

Microphones are a crucial part of any gaming headphone which makes it stand out among another type of headphones. Steelseries Artic 5 has paid substantial attention to it and features ‘Clearcast Microphone’ which features bi-directional microphone fantastic cancel the surrounding sound which is unnecessary.

It means it only picks the sound coming from your mouth and rejects every kind of sound coming from the surrounding.

Steelseries Artic 5​, best gaming headsets, best headsets for gaming, best headphones for games

Moreover, Artic 5 is highly comfortable headphones as it features Ski Goggle Headband which makes it wearable for long.  It is also light in weight as its total weight is evenly distributed across the headphone and does not annoy you while wearing it for long hours.

1. HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II best among all gaming headsets mentioned in this list, and it should be on the top of your priority while choosing best Gaming Headset under $100.

HyperX Cloud II, best headphones for games, best gaming headphones, best gaming headests

It is among the compatible and best gaming headset to go with any system and playing with any type of game. You can literally wear these headphones for hours without getting your head sore.

HyperX Cloud II comes up with memory foam ear cushions along with a padded headband which is covered with leather material. It sounds really comfortable and it really it does complement its say.

Its shape is designed and made up of aluminum which makes it in its shape for a long time.

Cloud II features 53mm driver who let you go inside the game as it offers fully detailed sound.

These headphones are “Teamspeak Certified” which means it guarantees the crisp and clear sound while gaming or speaking with your team or friends. It offers amazing noise isolation feature which helps in reducing the audible echoes and distortion from the background.

HyperX Cloud II, best headphones for games, best gaming headphones, best gaming headests, Best Gaming Headset under $100

It is available in a range of colors, and you can choose whichever color you like. Its microphone is detachable which means if are you not using then simply detach it.


This was my list of best gaming headphones under $100, and I am sure you must have picked one for yourself. If you want to ask any personal suggestion related to picking up one best gaming headset for yourself then feel free to send your query in the comment’s box.

Any of our team members will get back to your queries as soon as possible.

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