Best Headphones Under $50 : Best In Ear Headphones Under 50 Dollars

Are you looking forward to grabbing reasonable in ear headphones for yourself?

Here I am coming up for your help.

Today I am listing some of the best In-ear headphones under $50.

You might be thinking that in- ear headphones under $50 that too best?

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It is true and all the headphones listed below are cheap and produces excellent sound. Although it takes a  lot of time of our ours to come up with this amazing list. Since finding best yet reasonable in-ear headphones is never an easy task.

Best In-Ear Headphones Under 50 Dollars

So here I am listing some of the best in-ear headphones under 50. You may be excited to go through the list.

Let’s get to know about these reasonable headphones…

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5. RHA S500

RHA is really popular in building highly rigid headphones and providing excellent sound quality at the same time.

RHA S500,best in ear headphones, best headphones

In spite of being the cheapest headphone, it comes up with aluminum housing which adds to its looks. The earbuds are also comfortable and matches equally to the quality of any high priced earbuds out there.

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Inside the package, you will get; earphones itself, 6 tips of additional silicon tips in different shapes and sizes, a draw string, carrying pouch to easily carry these headphones, and instructions manual.

RHA S500,best in ear headphones, best headphones

The design is amazing and you won’t able to guess the price by looking at these earbuds. Two type of materials have been used to construct the wire of this headphone; the upper part of the cable is made of high quality rubber material while the latter part from mic towards the 3.5mm jack has been constructed using braided cable.

The 3,5mm jack is made up of rigid aluminum alloy which is strong enough. The earbuds are really light in weight which won’t annoy you carrying it inside your pocket.

RHA S500,best in ear headphones, best headphones

Talking about its sounds, so do not expect heavy bass in such a low price. Although the sound is reasonably good enough and let you listen clear and sweet sound.

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4. Soundmagic E80

Soundmagic is a Chinese brand for producing amazing sound and famous for producing some of the top-notch earphones. And its E80 is considered as one of the best headphones which one can buy in the cheapest price possible.

Soundmagix e80, best in ear headphones

In spite of being a Chinese brand they have tried to make Soundmagic E80 amazing at sound, quality and design without charging high prices.

The company offers simple packaging by fully concentrating on the quality of product. Still it has a lot of accessories inside the box including; Small Hard Shell Carrying Case, Small, Medium, Large Comply Memory Foam Eartips, Tons of Single Flange and Double Flange Silicon Eartips, and Shirt Clip.

Soundmagix e80, best in ear headphones

The complete earphone is made up of pure aluminum and the wires are twisted cables with glossy plastic layering over it to make them tangle free.

The earphone produces amazing sound without much distortion. You won’t get best deal than this in just 50 bucks.

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3. MEE Audio M6 Pro

MEE Audio M6 Pro is another best in-ear headphone which can be bought under $50 without compromising on the quality of headphones.

MEE E6 Pro, Best in ear headphones, bear earbuds

It comes in two colors; Black and White with transparent touch.

The earplugs are plugged with detachable cable which can be detached from those plugs any time you want.

Now lets see what you are going to get inside the box so it includes; semi rigid carry pouch, Comply eartips and variety of single, double and triple flanged silicone eartips.

The carrying pouch is fairly big which comes with 6.3mm adapter. Moreover, you also get two connecting wires; one with mic and one without mic.

Inline Mic has a slider to control the volume of your earbuds. It is amazing at producing balancing sound without annoying you with mixed beats and noisy music.

MEElectronics M6 Pro, Best in ear headphones, best headphones

It can easily fit on your ears without bothering you much about falling down. Now lets talk about its sound specification so it features; 10mm drivers, 16 Ohms of Impedance and frequency response of 20-20,000 kHz which is enough to produce amazing sound.

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2. RHA MA350

RHA MA350 is stylish and best build quality headphone which can be bought under $50.

RHA MA350, RHA headphones, best headphones, best earbuds

The earbuds are made up of aluminum which adds up to its quality. The looks are amazing as RHA always produce.

Inside the box you are going to get; 2 more pairs of eartips and a small draw string carrying pouch.

The build quality is amazing and you won’t believe that one can get such amazing build quality under $50.

Cable attached with earbuds are nylon braided and the headphone jack is gold platted which makes it sound excellent.

RHA MA350, RHA headphones, best headphones, best earbuds

It comes up with a 10mm drivers along with frequency of 18Hz-22,000Hz offering impedance of just 16 Ohms. I am sure that these specs are more than enough to get in the price of 40 bucks.

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1. Soundmagic E10C

Soundmagic E10C is fill with utmost features which one can get under $50 that is the reason I am holding this headphone on number 1 position.

Soundmagic E10C, best earbuds, best in ear headphones under 50

Soundmagic E10C has been awarded twice for being the best headphones under $50 by What HiFi Magazine.

‘S’ in the E10S stands for smartphone and every earphone model from Soundmagic that has ‘S’ in the suffix has an inline microphone. The version without microphone costs $5 less.

It comes up in two colors; Black/Gunmetal and Black/Red.

Inside the package you are going to get a lot of accessories as it includes; earbuds themselves along with a strong and rigid carrying case, multiple eartips, shirt clip and a connector cable.

The cable used with this headphone is highly durable and uses twisted cable covered with plastic which makes it tangle-free.

Soundmagic E10C, best earbuds, best in ear headphones under 50

The sound quality is amazing as compare to its price. It offers heavy bass with clear sound which means it is perfect to go with your smartphone and other devices.

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These were some of the best in-ear headphones under $200 and I am sure you guys might have found this article helpful. If you have any suggestion to tip us then do share your suggestion.

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