What are the best DJ Headphones for 2017?

Best DJ Headphones selection from the market is not a rocket science.We are confident that if you pay careful attention to our suggested areas, Spend only 3-4 minutes, you’ll make a great difference in your buying decision. Because at musicgadgets.com, you have the option to choose from, price ranges, brands, best selling and of course guidance of our mentors. We all know that In ear headphones are small sized headphones that have to be drawn in the ear canal, they can be less inclined to drop out, and they shut out the much ambient noise.

“But do you know when was the first in ear headphones came to the market? Both the earbud and the in-ear earphone advanced onto the scene in the 80’s despite the fact that they wouldn’t achieve their top in prominence until Apple introduced the iPod, and later iPhone and iPad made them popular in the 2000s.”

What is the difference between earbuds and in ear headphones?

In ear headphones are also called earphones. Many companies described them according to their marketing purpose, but the core difference is that in ear headphones are embedded into the ear canal where Ear buds rest outside the ear canal. In ear headphones frequently include diverse sizes and types of ear pads to accomplish the most comfortable fit possible. Those ear pads are made of memory foam, rubber, and silicone.

The portability of in ear headphones makes them an essential part of our daily life since we use them during everyday transportation on the bus or train and going to the gym. They can be shared with the companions and excellent for casual use. They also good in noise cancellation and never intervene with earrings, glasses, and even your hair styles. But they cannot provide maximum bass and sound quality like over ear headphones.

best DJ Headphones


Here is the final solution for you. The best ways of selecting good best DJ Headphones are reading reviews and find out what others are telling about the particular products. Trial them to ensure the comfortability and not to forget to check its sound quality. At musicgadgets.com, Our highly successful mentors have already worked out that critical part for you so that you would buy good earphones from the market.

Who rocks all the parties and makes you go crazy on the dance floor? Deejays! Yes, who knows the divine art of mixing records better than them? No one does. Now let’s not forget the holy equipment they use to slide up our moods. Sound system, DJ mixer, sequencer, vinyl records and their very own circumaural DJ headphones! The fact that those headphones make the jockey look cooler than any of us is eternally true. Best DJ Headphones don’t only look cool; they also sound cool. Every DJ prefers to have his pair of headphones that provide him with the high fidelity sound needed for mixing records.

Beats Studio

Beats Studio: Manufactured by Beats by Dr. Dre, Beats Studio are good-looking and great-feeling headphones. Active noise cancellation is one the many features of Beats Studio that make it more commute-friendly. Its plastic body has the trademark mix color of black and red with the trendy ‘b’ Beats signifier on each ear cup. Talking about sound quality, Beats is never left behind. What makes them sound thick is their low-mid emphasis and bass. They are comfortable, flexible and fare pretty well on public transport being a mix of simpler isolation and active noise-cancellation. Electronic music sounds pretty good in it, a good combination for a DJ.

Choosing the right pair of headphones will allow you to experience sound on a whole new level like never before. Headphones that come bundled with your device of choice are great for being free but if you want the musical experience of being in a studio where great music is being produced then consider investing your hard earned money on a pair of quality headphones that will surely maximize the satisfaction, whether you’re listening to music or watching your favorite tv show at home or on the go.

  • Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling
  • Iconic Beats sound
  • 20 hour rechargeable battery
  • Control music with RemoteTalk cable

VModa M100

VModa M100: The V-Moda M100 is a basshead’s delight as its sound is versatile and exceptional. It comes in three very attractive color schemes that are matte black, white and gloss black. They fit on your head very well as the ear pads are quite comfortable. They are easy to transport, as they can fold themselves up into the span of the headband. Resistant to humidity, dust, and drops, the M100 has a military based design which makes them look cooler than any other pair of headphones. The M100 has 50mm big drivers, and everything sounds perfect on them, they are functionally and sonically all-purpose too. Definitely what a top DJ should have to enjoy the music at parties.

  • 50mm Dual Diaphragm
  • Separate bass from mids and highs
  • Clean deep Bass
  • Vivid Mids and Ultra-Extended Highs
  • Unique CLIQFOLD design

Sony MDR-7500

Sony MDR-7500: Used in recording and broadcast studios worldwide, Sony MDR-7500 can handle extended frequencies of modern audio equipment. Highest grade material is used in their manufacture and tasks of critical listening like those of DJs and broadcasters are performed well with these headphones. Their appearance is quite sophisticated as they are grayish black and with hexagonal ear cups so designed to make the wearer look like a pro. They promise you 3D sound and do not cost you more than $300! The Sony MDR-7500 comes with detachable cables with an inline microphone to add to the convenience. It cuts through all the subtleties with impressive clarity, qualities that a DJ is always looking for.


Best DJ headphones greatly contribute to a DJ’s ability to mix good music since he ought to hear the music himself with full fidelity. DJ headphones have excellent durability, they at least last for a year or two even after all the clutching, twisting and forcefully fitting of ear cups on a DJ’s head. When mixing, DJs have to pay attention to the snares, kick drums and hi-hats, and their utmost concern is optimum sound reproduction which is all made possible with the help of DJ headphones. They have great frequency range and drivers that are 40mm or above; you can imagine all the magic they must do!

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