5 Best Condenser Mic under $500: Best Large Diaphragm Mic (2017)

Have you been struggling to record clear vocals? It is a difficult task, isn’t it?

To overcome this you need a Condenser Mic!

And to help you choosing one of the best Condenser Mic I am listing some of the Best Condenser Mic under $500.

You might have come across videos with horrific audios with a lot of background noise which distorts the message at an extreme level. It is because of having a bad quality Mic without proper condenser.

If you are audio enthusiastic and recording vocals is your business then you should never ever compromise on the quality of your Mic. Since it can undervalue your whole content just for going on your Mic.

So to flourish your content and clearly address your message you should get one best Mic under $500 and for that, you can go through the list below;

Best Condenser Mic under $500, Best Mics, Best condenser Mics

Best Condenser Mic under $500

So below I have listed then I have listed Best Condenser Mic under $500. Now without taking your more time let me take you to the list.

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5. Shure KSM 141

The Shure KSM 141 is one of the best though expensive condenser mic in our list with rotating collar which enables easy transition between the cardioid and the omnidirectional patterns.

Shure KSM 141, Best Mic Condenser, Best Mics under $500

It is specifically designed to be used in studios as it is rugged for broadcast and even for live shows. The microphone used in Sure KSM 141 is ultra thin; gold plated with the low mass diaphragm and premium response.

KSM 141 features transformer-less preamp with minimal inter-modulation and harmonic distortion. The amazing thing is that its subsonic filter enables it to remove the frequencies of about 17 Hz and less.

It also comes up with the suppression of frequency interference and common mode superior rejection.

Shure KSM 141, Best Mic Condenser, Best Mics under $500

This Mic can easily be used with various musical instruments like; drums, strings, percussion; wind instruments like woodwind and brass; low-frequency instruments like a kick drum, bass, ensembles like orchestral or choral, guitar amplifiers, etc.

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4. Audio-Technica AT4040

Audio-Technica AT4040 is another amazing Mic from Audio-Technica which is a popular audio product company. AT4040 has all amazing features of a studio mic.

 Audio-Technica AT4040 , Best mics, Best mic condenser

It offers amazing accuracy and sound quality. AT4040 features high SPL output, versatility, wide dynamic range of sounds and low mechanical noise. I can say that it is one of the best condenser Mic one can get under 500 dollars.

The consistency of AT4040 is amazing as it works amazingly with live streaming, live studio, live recording apps and a live event where listeners are supposed to receive a real-time response. It does not bring any lag between speaking and spreading the sound.

The noise lowering feature of AT4040 as its noise lowering is transformerless and helps in leading to clean and clear output even with instrumental sound.

 Audio-Technica AT4040 , Best mics, Best mic condenser

I could conclude it in that way that it is one of the best yet reasonable condenser Mic one can have and easily perform all the professional tasks.

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3. Rode Broadcaster

Rode Broadcaster is specifically designed to gi an e ultimate performance to the boradcaster.

Rode Broadcaster, best mics, best Mic condenser, Best condenser under $500

This Condenser Mic is widely being used by almost all radio stations out there because of its tailored quality response along with rich proximity effect.

It is highly recommended to be used in TV’s and Films as it has all the compatibility to go with that profession. It comes up with internal filters which helps in reducing the surrounding sounds and avoid maximum distortions.

Rode Broadcaster, best mics, best Mic condenser, Best condenser under $500

Moreover, it also comes up with a 75Hz filter available to prevent the air conditioner noise or outside heavy noise. It also comes up with a ‘On-Air’ feature which a channel can activate using ‘Channel On/Mute’ ones attached to the console.

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2. AKG Pro Audio C214

The AKG Pro Audio C214 features large diaphragm condenser microphone which is amazing at producing loud and clear sound.

AKG Pro Audio C214, AKG Mics, Best Mics under $500

Pro Audio C214 also features a switch which helps you to record audio without any proximity effect.

The edge of the capsule is very detailed which let it record every single noise you produce while recording which helps in recording highly detailed audio.

Talking about its design, it is designed using scratch resistant technology, an XLR type gold plated output and a metal grille which makes it look premium.

It also features low cut filters which let it to use on stage even for close-up vocals or with other applications like igh brass, guitar amps, and drum overheads, etc.

AKG Pro Audio C214, AKG Mics, Best Mics under $500

AKG Pro Audio C214 helps in reducing the atmosphere sound as much as possible which offers sonic accuracy. It means you can expect quality, and accurate sound using this Mic.

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1. Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition

Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition is one of the best condenser Mic under $500 which is the reason that it listed on number one position on my list.

Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition, Best Condenser Mic, Best Mics

It features 1-inch diaphragm microphone that comes as a large capsule with three pick-up patterns, Figure 8; Cardioid and Omni, filter switches, PAD located on the body of the mike.

NT2A Anniversary Edition comes up with HF1 dual diaphragm which helps it to modulate the transducer so that it can work well with the modern techniques of recording and vocals.

It is really very flexible headphones which works amazing with any situation.

The filter switch of this Mic includes three modes including; flat, 40 Hz and the 80 Hz.

It works on the intake 48V of power and works with pressure gradient principle. You can expect expect really high frequency with this Mic which ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition, Best Condenser Mic, Best Mics

The impendence of 00 Ohms with a maximum SPL output of 157 dB. It is really light in weight which does not frustrate the holder if the guy is performing on the stage as it only weighs 860 grams.

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This was the list of Best Condenser Mics under $500 and I am sure you guys must have picked one for yourself. If you have any query left related to this article. Then feel free to lend it comment’s box as we shall try our best to resolve your issue.

Have you picked one Mic for yourself? Then don’t forget to share this article with your friends as you may never know that your friend may also looking to get one for himself.

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