Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 : Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Are you looking to get best Bluetooth headphones under 100 dollars?

Then this article is especially for you as I am listing some of the best Bluetooth Speakers under 100$.

Music lovers always remain in the quest of finding best yet reasonable speakers to enjoy their playlist at their best.

However, you might be thinking how one can expect best in price less than $100?

I can assure you that it is possible…

Though it requires a lot of efforts to compile the list of best which is at the same time reasonable too. So for you guys, I am listing all the Best Bluetooth speakers under the margin of 100 dollars.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100$

So here I start talking about each and every headphone one by one then you may decide that whether they worth your money or not.

1 . Logitech UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best speaker which is why it is securing number one position on my list. You can get it for $99.

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It is 11.7oz in weight with portable size of 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.6 inches even though awesome at producing room-filling sound when placed on its back.

You can use its bungee cord and place it wherever you want and enjoy your favorite music.

Logitech UE is waterproof which allows you to take it to your pool and enjoy your music without getting it damaged.

It has a Bluetooth range of 65 feet with 9 hours battery support. It’s amazing battery life will allow you to enjoy the amazing music without getting interrupted.

It gives you remarkable pairing features to double up the sound by pairing it with other Bluetooth speakers.

2. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 3 is another amazing portable Bluetooth speaker which produces remarkable sound. You can get it for $82.56 only.

It is made of durable fabric and rugged rubber which helps it lasting for longer and safe on adventures. It allows users to connect wirelessly up to 3 devices at the same time and fill the room with stereo sound.

JBl Flip 3 is equipped with 3000mAH battery which lasts up to 10 hours on listening. It gives you connectivity options with multiple JBL speakers to amplify the sound to top.

You can also take your calls by simply touching a button using it’s noise and echo canceling speakerphone.

The most important feature of it is that JBL Flip 3 is splashproof which keeps it safe from rain and water splashes. This feature makes it amazing to be played in Pool parties.

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3. Ivation Acoustix Bluetooth Speaker

Ivation Acoustix is a Bluetooth speaker which can be bought for $99.99 only. It really offers some great sound quality to users with portability.

It has multiple music sources including Bluetooth, FM Radio & Auxiliary Line In which let users to play their favorite music with simple connection.

Ivation Acoustix is shock-proof and water resistant speaker which is really powerful in terms of shocks.

This mobile speaker has Phone Capabilities Feature Wireless Answering, Call Waiting and Last Call Redial options. It is definitely a complete portable device.

Ivation has a high Capacity Rechargeable Battery Runs 9 Hours on Max Volume per single charge. 

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4. CB3 Armor XL Waterproof Rugged Wireless Bluetooth

CB3 Armor XL is specifically designed to enjoy music in open-air as its armored look can easily handle outside environment including mud, dust, water and air. It can be bought for $79.99.

Its design speaks for itself as you have noticed that it does not have sleek or sharp design rather it seems like a hard metal box which justifies its strength. It means that CB3 Armor XL is designed NOT to be used with care.

Armor XL has Bluetooth 4.0 which gives you amazing connectivity and tethering options. It has a long lasting battery which last for straight 10 hours of playing with single charge.

It is really safe from being damaged with water as it does not get destroyed with water splashes. It means you can take to your pool side to enjoy your music with it.

It is excellent at producing strong, clear and loud sound and let you feel like partying. I can assure that it has ability to take you guys with beats. It has dual 50mm drivers to produce amazing bass.

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5. Philips BT2200B/27 Shoqbox Mini Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT2200B/27 Shoqbox another a compact model designed to produce powerful sound for listeners. It can be bought for only $38.25.

Since BT2200B/27 Shoqbox is by Philips so quality is definitely top notch. It is 100% water-proof and shock-proof model which is designed to last longer.  Moreover, it can float on water and let you enjoy your music inside the pool.

It comes up with a built-in microphone to receive and answer calls with “anti-clipping” system to reduce audio distortion at high volumes.

It offers a 5 hours battery backup which let you enjoy music for continuous 5 hours. Furthermore, it has 1.6″ driver that is power by 2.8 watts of power to produce amazing sound quality for listeners.

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6. Logitech UE Mini Boom

Logitech UE Mini Boom is another Bluetooth speaker from Logitech in my list. Amazing at producing really powerful sound. You can buy it for $85.64.

UE Mini is equally amazing at producing powerful sound as its taller version with little undermine feature of not having a water-resistance.

Though you can connect it with other UE speakers using Boom up and amplify the sound of speakers. It has really a powerful battery which lasts for 10 hours in a single charge.

It offers a Bluetooth connectivity feature which ranges up to 50 feet. It amazing for those who are looking to get portable, light in weight and easy to place speakers.

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7. Photive Cyren Bluetooth Speaker

Photive Cyren Bluetooth Speaker is the speaker of whose design I personally liked. It has amazingly solid basics which makes it durable and strong. It can bought in $29.95 only.

It uses Bluetooth 3.0 which has range of 30 feets with a battery which lasts for 10 hours in single charge.

Photive Cyren uses Premium Sound with Bass Enhance Technology which has two powerful 40mm Drivers deliver clean sound with deep bass.

If you don’t have Bluetooth then the package comes up with 3.5mm Audio Line In which let you connect the speakers to headphone jack and enjoy the music.

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8. Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Aker is definitely a premium stereo Bluetooth speaker and has managed to get place on this list. It can be bought for $59.99 only.

It comes up with Maxxbass technology and two passive subwoofers for amazing bass and enjoy your music.

It has Bluetooth connectivity which can be effective up to the range of 33 feet. Anker has 200mAh lithium-ion battery, this Bluetooth speaker can play up to 160 songs over 8 hours at mid-level volume with single charge.

It has a feature which let Ankur speakers to automatically connect to the device with which they were previously connected. I personally like the portability and sound quality of this speaker.

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9. TDK Life on Record Portable A33 Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker

TDK life is another amazing speaker with reasonably nice features. It can be bought for $67 only.

It produces really amazing sound in such a great price. It offers high quality near lossless wireless audio streaming using this. It design seems really strong and powerful which protects it from different weather issues.

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10. Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth Speaker

Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth Speaker is the last speaker which I have got for you. It is water-proof and protected from rain-fall.

It has 3 Watts of audio output per channel with a 70mm passive subwoofer which let you enjoy powerful sounds.

BRV-1 Bluetooth is going to have 1400mAh battery to play wireless audio for up to 12 hours. It works with almost all mobile or Bluetooth device to pair your songs and play it with Braven.

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I would recommend you to get this for yourself if you are looking to enjoy crisps, clear and powerful sound.


I am pretty sure that all music lovers out there must have picked one headphone for their selves. However, if you want expert’s assistance in selecting the best-fit for you then feel free to lend your concerns in comment box.

I shall get back to you and try to help you get the best for you.  Moreover, if you like to suggest any Bluetooth headphone which should be included in this list then your suggestions are always welcome.

Don’t forget to share this article with other who might be looking for the same. Your share may help many music lovers out there who may be looking for the reasonable Bluetooth headphones.

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